Upcoming events and plans for DesMoiNTrak.

April 9/2020  DesMoiNTrak Meeting - Zoom call 7-9pm

May 7/2020 DesMoiNTrak Meeting - Zoom Call 6:30-8:30pm

May 14/2020  G Scale Visit Mike Armstrong's home

May 16 & 17/2020 Pleasant Hill Library TBD??

June 11/2020  DesMoiNTrak Meeting - Air brush clinic and 2nd Annual Big Boy Hobo dinner

July 9/2020  DesMoiNTrak Meeting - Brion Oakley Clinic "What's Up on the Roof"

Aug 13/2020  DesMoiNTrak Meeting - N Scale visit to Dave Yetter's Layout

Aug TBD  Train Show in Des Moines TBD

Sept. 10/2020  DesMoiNTrak Meeting 

Oct. 8/2020  DesMoiNTrak Meeting

Oct. 10&11/2020 Norwalk Library Layout - CANCELLED

Nov. 6/2020  TBD Kate Shelly or other Layout - CANCELLED

Nov. 12/2020  DesMoiNTrak Meeting

Nov. 21&22/2020  Urbandale Library Layout - CANCELLED

Dec. 10/2020  DesMoiNTrak Meeting

Jan.  TBD/2021  West Des Moines Library Layout - TBD